We have set up a just giving page for Rolling Tots, our aim is to raise money so we can secure a building so we  can provide classes up to 7 years old. 

It's been my dream to have a purpose built venue but on a smaller scale so we can focus on the younger generation, also we want to maximise our classes and provide more class options for all children.

We intend to open our space to the community for example a yoga class or other children's settings can use our facilities as well as our coaches and skills. 

The possibilities are endless for this venture, if you would take the time to look at our page and donate any amount we would be truly grateful. 

At this time more than ever we need your help so we can return and get classes going again as we know the children really need  it.

Please keep a look out for updates and more information as time goes on so you know what we will be doing with the money. Thank you 


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